Lightning Creek Kennels


Dozer's New Home

Hey, I got a new phone the day after I picked up Dozer and lost your number. I know you wanted pictures, so here are a few! He's doing great and we absolutely love him! He's a bit on the spoiled side. Lol. 
He likes to sleep, but he won't sleep without that green fleece blanket! Lol. I'll send some more later on! Those were all I had on my new phone. 

Champ's New Home

Hey Mike!

Just wanted to give you and your girls an update on Champ. He is doing amazing. He is pushing 55 lbs and is in perfect health according to his vet.
He's definitely going to be a big dog and he can't go half a block without getting compliments on how handsome he is. He's probably one of the most energetic dogs anyone could ever have so he's always the life of the party when in the dog park and spends a lot of time in the water, so he's a frequent guest at the dog beach. Now that it's getting cooler, we were able to find him a place he can go indoor swimming since he is obsessed with water. He also started obedience training and his trainer is always amazed at how quickly he can pick things up. I hope all is well with your family and Champ's parents; and once again thank you for literally the most perfect dog anyone could ask for. 

Have a fantastic Sunday,


Thor's New Home

Thor Thunder Puppy is THE most loving dog I have ever known! His "daddy," has taught him to greet him with his front paws on his shoulders like a hug! Thor is soon to see the Dr to get cut, mostly to calm him down. He sees himself of Lord Protector of the family. Here's a picture of him watching over his dad a few hours after having 4 wisdom teeth extracted. Thor did not leave his side. 





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